Strategic Application Management & Hosting

Here at Phosworks, we set the standard high. We've long since changed the typical concept of Application Management by enhancing the service critical to your success.

As many of our customers will attest, Phosworks supplies top-notch direction and advice on how to develop your existing solutions further so that your business can maximize the profit of your already-made investment.

Besides technical support, Phosworks supplies ideas and concepts based on advanced market intelligence and experience-based research that will have immediate impact on KPI's such as conversion and loyalty.

Phosworks is also proud to offer world class hosting services to our clients. This is done via our partner, Rackfish.

Rackfish is a full-service hosting service that offers first-class hosting solutions for companies of any size.

Among others things, Rackfish is a market leader in hosting complex worldwide campaigns for companies such as: CNN, Coca-Cola, and Nike among many others.

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  • Adidas
  • Coca Cola
  • Mc Donalds

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