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Xspray - New communication platform

Xspray Pharma is a life science company that develops improved and generic versions of already marketed drugs. They needed a new corporate identity and communication platform that would differentiates from the rest of the competition promote the core values of Xspray in order for them to attract potential partnerships and investments.

We started by redesigning the logotype and then proceeded to the whole visual language, which was then applied across the whole communication platform (fully responsive website, corporate identity, a Powerpoint templates, brand guidelines and imagery). http://www.xspraypharma.com


GE Healthcare - Web VR


GE Healthcare Life Sciences


Web VR



GE Healhtcare Life Sciences - Web VR

By the end of 2016, GE Healthcare Life Sciences who had been using HTC Vive VR at trade shows and V.I.P. events wanted to have something more flexible and easier to transport. So GE approached us with a challenge: Create a virtual tour of a GE KUBio biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, that could be sent out directly to customers as a VR experience. The solution needed to give a great presence, had to be super-easy to access and share for maximum reach. After investigating several options we turned to Web-VR, a seamless way of delivering VR through the web browser. http://www.gelifesciences.com/flexfactorytour

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Phosworks Life Sciences Communication

Life Science Communication




Life Science Reel



PDI Life Sciences

PDI Life Science is a division of Phosworks exclusively focused on the marketing of life science and scientific offerings.

Identity / Brand Development / Digital Strategy / Communication platform
Online Strategy / Apps / Web Sites / SEO / SEM / Campaigns
Film / Storytelling / Social Content Marketing / Training / Events
3D Animation / Technical Visualization / Product Presentation / CAD conversion
Digital Tools / Sales Tools / eLearning / eTrials / VC Presentations
Integrated MarCom / Print / Presentations / Trade Shows

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Biovica Animation

Biovica - Communication package prior to IPO




Communication package



Communication package prior to IPO

In preparation for its upcoming IPO Phosworks has helped Biovica with a new graphical profile to strengthened the Biovica brand. The new profile was implemented on a new web, printed material and in an animation explaining the company's technology. The animation will be re-used in a number of other future videos.

IDG Internet topp 100, church of sweden

Church of Sweden


Church of Sweden





New web for the Church of Sweden

Phosworks mission consists of developing a new concept and a new design for svenskakyrkan.se, both for the Swedish church's national organisation and the web platform offered to the local parishes. The new svenskakyrkan.se is designed with a mobile first-perspective with a modular design to provide maximum flexibility while it also meets the requirements and expectations of the target group's. The result is a modern and accessible product for a diverse audience. The website consists of approximately 80.000 pages and 600 local parishes websites. In this project Phosworks has been responsible for Idea, concept, User experience and also the front-end development.

Visit the website at http://www.svenskakyrkan.se

Church of Sweden International Aid

Church of Sweden, International aid


Church of sweden


Website for fundrasing



New web for International work for the Church of Sweden

Church of Sweden Aid started as the local branch of the Lutheran World Relief in 1947. Today, the international work is fully integrated in the Church and we are co-branding with the ACT Alliance.Our identity as a church form the basis of our international commitment. . Phosworks mission was to create a design that engage and makes it easy for the web visitor to donate money to the aid program. Extra UX focus has been on the different possible payment flows for different visitors. Please visit the site: https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/internationelltarbete

Campaign for CSN

Campaign for CSN







Campaign for CSN

Sweden have one of the most generous financial aid for students, independent of background or socio-economic status. To increase repayment of student loans there must be a change in attitude. The purpose of this campaign is to change the attitude and make the swedes proud of the system. http://gorstudiermojligt.csn.se/

GE Healthcare XURI Cell harvester


GE Healthcare


Promotion film



XURI Cell harvester

Cell-based therapy has the potential to transform treatment for millions of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

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Church project in media

Following the The church of Sweden win as the best corporate site 2017 our client Liselotte Rogberg has been interviewed by Swedish media where she explains the main factors being the success of the site. We're very happy, and let's be honest also quite proud, for the coverage Liselotte and The church of Sweden are getting thanks to this amazing project.

Best in Class

Church of Sweden's website consisting of approximately 80 000 pages and 600 subsites for local parishes was awarded as the best organisational website of 2017 by Internetworld. The new website combines a clean design with a large focus on helping the user find relevant information, both locally from their parishes and from the organisation as a whole. The Church of Sweden has with a visual identity that combines the traditional with the modern digital, a strong social media presence, and the Archbishop Antje Jackel'n's podcast increased their digital reach to new audiences.
IDG Internet topp 100, church of sweden

Meet @ Interphex New York

For 38 years, INTERPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing event. Based in New York, INTERPHEX brings over 10,500 global industry professionals and 625+ suppliers together. Phosworks will attend the event with three of our prepresentatives. Please contact Mosse Moberg, Armel Grimault or Pelle Eriksson.
Phosworks at Interphex

Google Partner Status

Phosworks are pleased to announce Google Partner status. Our skilled team carries certification within Search, Video and Mobile and daily helps our clients within digital marketing. Read more

Meet us at e-Comm Kista

Meet us at stand G:06 E-commerce Kista 11-12 of May. Get inspitred by new trends in content marketing av digital disruption. Read More
e-commerce Kista 11-12 May 2016

Uppsala University

Campaign with the objective to recruit students to Uppsala university and Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. The goal of this campaign is to generate interest and help aspiring students to choose the right program within care, health and medicine. This site makes it possible for aspiring students to take a test to see what program is best suited for that particular student. The result of this test is presented trough a short movie in which the student can acquire more information regarding that specific program.

Uppsala University MedFarm

Campaign SLU

Campaign with the objective of recruitment on behalf of SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The goal of this campaign is to generate interest for the programs as well as eliminating prejudice, strengthen the identity of the programs, and also increase the knowledge about SLU. The campaign consists several elements, for example a number of short commercial films/pre-rolls, a campaign-site containing personal movies regarding the different programs, printed materials and posters distributed to secondary schools. This has been promoted through YouTube/prerolls, Google, Facebook, with retargeting, etc.

SLU Recruitment
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We are Phosworks Digital Ideas

We are an international digital agency with in-house production specializing in engineering, producing and delivering the next generation of digital solutions. With offices in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and in a 16th-Century Swedish castle, we create award-winning digital communication and solutions few others in the business can match. Working directly with clients and some of the world's finest production companies and advertising agencies, we produce digital solutions for GE, Universal Studios and Budweiser among others.

With in+house access to world-class expertise, we can turn any idea into cutting-edge digital reality. We work directly with our clients to make sure they get the creative solution they need to reach their goals. Working like this often means striving for outcomes that have never been achieved before. It demands state-of-the-art technical skills, access to creative minds from a wide variety of fields, and a lot of old-fashioned hard work. We don't mind. We would rather push one step further than deliver a mediocre product. How about you?

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