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About Phosworks

Phosworks is one of Sweden’s leading digital agencies with 50 creative talents, who strive to make brands stand out in the crowd, and satisfying high demanding customers. Combining cutting edge competences in strategy, mobile media, design and technology, we create business communication strategies and digital solutions for film and web that cross boundaries and make a difference.

Uppsala Castle

Our offer to the market

In order to strengthen your brand with digital solutions, and create content that delivers your message, our overall framework is based on a learning process based on insight, content and effect.


Insight into the brand, target groups and business goals is important as well as trends and analysis. Knowledge together with our broad expertise in digital communication strategy, brand strategy, digital product strategy and UX work creates successful results.


Content consists of idea generation followed by prototype work to quickly achieve communication and technology solutions that support the desired strategy and goals. It is important to allocate resources to the ideas that solve the problem most effectively before they are properly produced. Therefore, in the case of large projects, it is often worthwhile to test prototypes based on the idea, to discover which details, solutions and messages are best received.


Maximum effect requires creative height, smart traffic management, and the right platform choice that enables you to scale up a successful technical solution. We have the desired effect in sight from the start and continuously measure to deliver adjustment suggestions on content as well as tactics and strategy.

Our Vision

Phosworks digital ideas change and improve people’s lives through brilliant solutions for a sustainable future. Both for individuals and the planet. We should be the dream work place that challenges top experts, and produce with professional creativity in an environment characterised by flexibility, joy and openness.


We want and can make a difference. With the help of our knowledge, we can also help others make a difference. We never talk about efficiency without taking into account creativity and vice versa.


Our organisation is flexible enough to cultivate and capture creativity in individuals, to manage different types of projects, and to always continue to develop.


Joy creates rings on the water. We believe that happy employees provide happy customers, which in turn provide profitability.

We would like to meet you

If you want to meet us, we will be happy to see you. You are always welcome to the castle for a cup of coffee to talk about your needs and ideas.