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Transform Visuals. Illuminate Stories.

We help tell your story

A well graded image can heighten the emotion of a story within a scene or even completely transform it. Helping you to tell your story is our Grading Studio. Our colorist can design particular looks to match and create the visions of how you want your film to look and feel.

“ Having someone that speaks my language, respects the footage and elevates not only my creative vision but also the clients is a must for me. My experience with Phosworks’s colorist has always been fantastic, it is reassuring to work with someone who cares about the final product as much as I do. ”

Peter Mattson, Cinematographer, So This is Why

For this project we wanted the scene to appear as if it was night. Day-for-night is a cinematic technique used in filmmaking to create the illusion of a nighttime scene while actually filming during the day. For this particular scene we shifted the hue towards blue/cyan, lowered the exposure, worked contrast and intensified the highlights to give it that ping that the moon light introduces.

A simple split tone, primary adjustment and some relighting was all that was needed here. Split toning is a powerful color grading technique used in photography and filmmaking to convey mood, atmosphere, and emotion by manipulating the colors of shadows and highlights separately. The director wanted to portray a cozy Autumn morning so we begun by balancing the scene, moving it towards a slightly more golden look, next we introduced some coolness to the shadows – this introduced more color contrast whilst also cooling down the overall image.

We needed to take this film into the world of vikings. Inspiration was drawn from films such as Macbeth and The Northman. A Show Lut was developed early on in the process to ensure a consistent look and feel was created through out the film – the main characteristics of the look were shifting the hues to the cooler vector (cyan/green) whilst keeping a carful eye on exposure and contrast.

Look development

A crucial part of the pre-production process, helping craft the visual identity and set the tone for the entire movie. Look development serves to enhance storytelling by visual means. It sets the tone, conveys emotions, and reinforces the narrative themes, ultimately contributing to the audience’s engagement and understanding of the story. Get us involve early on in the project – We have vast experience in cinematography, production design, color grading, visual effects, look books and more..

Show LUT creation

At the core of a good look is a well built Show LUT that our colorist can develop in tandem with the director, cinematographer and DOP to help translate the creative vision. Our goal – to enhance the emotional impact and narrative cohesion of your film by creating a consistent and visually compelling look.

What you see is what you get

Our studio houses professionally calibrated monitors in a light controlled environment, come visit us in our 16th century royal castle and view your film – the way it should be.

Why Phosworks?

Collaboration is in our blood. In fact, we have Directors, Photographers, Art Directors in house so our colourist is accustomed to working side by side with others. In fact, so much so that he is often on set with the crew assisting with lighting and cinematography.