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Cytiva + Phosworks = sant

30 years of collaboration


We are a creative agency working across the full brand experience.

Brand identity, storytelling and digital platforms should work together as one. This is a recipe for success – for brands who want to be seen and admired.


We started delivering digital communications services already 1994. Consequently we are well versed in Cytiva´s organisation, working procedures, and last but not least Cytiva´s brand guidelines.



Strategy, SoMe & campaign


Storytelling, launches, instructions & visualizations

Digital tools

Web, apps & sales tools

Stories well told

We traveled the world to meet the
pioneers and visionaries in cell and gene therapy to hear their

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A charming offer

We created a campaign announcing double production capacity for Biacore sensor chips. With
One of many ads:
Landing page:

Easy to buy

Digital sales calculators help potential customers feel what it is to be a customer. It gives customers
rational numbers and facts to argue for their emotional decisions.
Selection guides are ideal for sales but also repeat sales.
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Inspire visitors

Real-time 3D offers potential customers the possibility to explore and understand the features of a product by interacting with it. 3D product visualization enhances user engagement and is ideal in the interest-phase of the customer journey.

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Early teasers

The 3D-format makes it possible to have a ready to use campaign even before there is a physical final
instrument. 3D animation can explain and show, what no filmed production can. High-resolution product images can also be generated.

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No mistakes

Teaching users how to use the systems is a very important after-sales activity. With customer’s success comes yours. In this case, to see real person installing kits, performing tasks and solving problems is going to help your customers to educate their staff, fast.

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