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You’ve worked hard on your research, and now it’s time to share it with the world. But how do you communicate complex findings in a way that is clear, engaging, and accessible?

Or the immensely big

When size matters and your project spans over countries, continents or even space visualization can help you bring it down to a manageable and understandable size. By mixing films, animations, graphics and data you will make a lasting impression on your audience.

See the full version of the Superbeam project from Uppsala University here:

Figures for a global reach

The Problem: How can one demonstrate the connection between the global sustainability goals and the ecological, social and economic aspects of our society. The figure should show that all development goals are directly or indirectly linked to our biosphere and the production of sustainable and healthy food.

We solved it by combining an older figure that places the economy inside a society circle which in turn lies in a biosphere circle with the SDG icons. To make the figure visually interesting and clear, we made the whole figure three-dimensional.See the full version of the video here:

The Problem: Make a boring scientific diagram spark curiosity and make the viewer want to know more.

We also needed to simplify the content of the figure without distorting the underlying data. The client also wanted the figure to work with their brand.

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