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Swedish Equestrian sports are very popular internationally, therefore, Phosworks was assigned to develop apps for iOS, Android and Apple TV together with ATG International. The assignment involved UX, design and development.

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iOS and Android Applications

The mobile application “ATG Vision” for Android and iOS is based on state-of-the-art technology, enabling international users to look at races, follow their favourites and to review relevant statistics, such as results, sales and payouts for a round.

The app also feature how-to movies on various topics such as how to play ATG’s various V-games. Content is provided and produced by Phosworks. Weekly releases of the editorial material in the app from ATG is aimed at the international players. There is also the possibility to see a free version of the live stream from ATG (with 15 minutes delay).

The apps are based on Microsoft Xamarin, which is used to develop native apps that work in both iOS and Android.

Apple TV

The application for Apple TV contains multiple features from the iOS version, such as access to all the last seven days, statistics, and live streams. The Apple TV app is developed in Apple’s Television Markup Language (TVML) an XML-based framework for developing flexible client-server apps.

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