Cytiva Digital partner

Cytiva is our very first client and our longest partner relationship. In fact, Phosworks was founded in 1994 as a service provider for a division of Pharmacia which is now Cytiva. Because this was before the Internet and smartphones, we started out by delivering interactive sales material and movies on CDROM*.

Our story

Over the last three decades, our mission at Cytiva has continuously expanded, from production of sales materials and videos, to web sites, apps, social media and large multi-channel campaigns. And we learned a lot along the way.


Early on, our relationship with Cytiva’s global marketing team deepened, and we learned most aspects of their business so that we could provide more insight. We went from a subcontractor to a valued, preferred strategic partner in digital communication. We did not make them great. They made us great.


The biggest challenge of working with Cytiva has been the pursuit of the unexpected in their communication; making sure to create something that stands out while still respecting their identity, including strong brands like Cytiva, Sephadex and ÄKTA. But working closely with the clients fantastic team on this, on a global level, and with a broad variety of fun assignments, is also the most exciting part. We look forward to a long continued partnership.



 * For younger visitors – a CDROM was a disc you could store files on, like a DVD?… Blu-ray? Never mind, think of it as a local backup of your files when the connection is down.

The case

It is impossible to fit in almost 30 years of collaboration on one single page. But here are some of the projects that we are extra proud of. Either because they have in some way pushed the limits of digital communication at Cytiva for better effect, or because our creative staff implemented them with an efficiency and professionality that goes beyond what we can expect from them.

A few examples

  • KUBio website – the online, step-by-step visualization of constructing a full vaccination factory based on prefabricated modules
  • FlexFactory web VR tour – A VR guided tour of a FlexFactory built at a time when 360-3D technology was still in its infancy
  • Upstream and downstream Bioprocess video bundle released, including XCellereX Mixer, Bioreactor, ReadyToProcess, ÄKTAsystems downstream etc (Short teaser version)
  • New Product Introduction campaigns – ÄKTA pure, XDUO 2500, ÄKTA pilot 600, Amersham ECL prime, to name just a few
  • Real time 3D animations, with or without extra information hotspots
  • Product photo shoots
  • Rebranding project: Cytiva. As a result of the purchase of GE Healthcare Life Sciences by Danaher Corporation and the birth of Cytiva, hundreds of collaterals had to be rebranded, including over 200 videos, hundreds of icons and PowerPoints. We are proud of the effective effort put in by creatives and project managers in this joint effort with Brandactive.
Cytiva icons
Cytiva case
Cytiva 3D
Cytiva 3D