Diabetes.se is built in EPiServer 10 and developed by Phosworks. In addition to a digital strategy, we developed the UX, design and the functionalities needed to increase the number of active members and the amount of donations towards diabetes research.

Exempelbild från Diabetesförbundets webbplats byggd i Episerver, design och implementation av Phosworks

The assigment

The work, which began in the autumn of 2016, was based on a workshop led by Phoswork’s strategists together with the company Nice One. It emerged that the Diabetes Association needed to make a branding journey, a positioning shift to increase its visibility and increase membership value. With these insights, Phosworks’ designers went to work to develop a solution that could support the Diabetes Association’s goals and vision and help the Association in its communication to both new and existing members.

Diabetesförbundet, design och utveckling av Phosworks

Technical solution

Diabetes.se is built in EPI Server 10 and Phosworks created integrations with member registers, CRM systems and payment services. The work also included the websites ungdiabetes.se and the Diabetes Foundation. For the Diabetes Fund, different types of gift forms, digital signing and a function for creating own collections were created.

To ensure that the site met the requirements for the desired functionalities, performance, security and WCAG 2.0 AA, thorough tests were performed by experienced testers.