When GE wanted to showcase its new modular vaccine factory to the world, Phosworks was challenged to bring forward the best solution. With only one demo site, located in China with strong restrictions to visitations etc – the task was not straightforward. The result was an impressive award-winning campaign and an advanced “world’s first” web-based VR solution.

Kubio, global VR kampanj för GE av Phosworks 11
Kubio, global kampanj för GE av Phosworks 17

Campaign Web

The campaign web site we developed was designed to show the concept in an intuitive and educational way, i.e how easy it is to get a turnkey vaccine factory in place, almost anywhere in the world. It is a scroll site based on a variety of animations, supported by a number of films with in-depth content. You can visit the campaign site here

Kubio, global kampanj för GE av Phosworks

Web based VR

The next step was to give the whole world and, above all, the prospective clientele access to visit the factory. VR is close at hand, but traditional VR does not have the propagation potential of the web. Phosworks therefore developed a unique web-based VR solution. Designed for different smartphones, the site also works on a regular laptop, but without the VR experience. You will find the entire site here .

GE Webbbaserad VR lösning från Phosworks P60