IDBS, the R&D informatics platform market leader, saw the need for a rebranding and strengthening of its market communication prior to a major product launch.

Reclaim the throne

The R&D informatics market is very competitive with new players entering the market using modern and often aggressive marketing tactics. Despite being one of the most mature companies and the clear market leader IDBS’s branding didn’t reflect that reality. Under the impulsion of a new owner IDBS and a major product launch decided to refresh their brand and launch a new website. The main goals were to better communicate their experience and reclaim their throne as market leaders.

New identity

Firstly following a number of interviews with the IDBS leadership team Phosworks developed a new logo reflecting IDBS’s experience and the values it brings to its customers. The logo was part of a full visual identity with clear fonts and color palette, uniform imagery and iconography and a key visual element, The cube.


IDBS logo start video
IDBS Assets
IDBS Assets
IDBS brand guidelines
IDBS Business cards
IDBS Letterhead
IDBS Envelopes
IDBS Corporate identity
IDBS Tshirts
IDBS iconography

Parallel projects

Parallel to creating a new visual identity and a new website Phosworks helped with the launch of a new product. Because it was creating a whole new product category in the R&D informatics market we ran a long pre-launch phase with numerous ”mini-campaigns”.

Launching more products

Following the success of the IDBS Polar product launch, IDBS commissioned Phosworks with other product launch and communication assignments.

IDBS product logos