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Immunovia Från ad-hoc contributions to record capital raising

Brand Idea & Concept UX & Design Web Development

Immunovia is one of our oldest and dearest clients. What started as a simple request for an illustration, quickly developed into a long-term partnership involving branding, identity guidelines, several web sites, social media strategy, animation, and eventually a successful product launch in 2021.

Our story

It has truly been a privilege to follow them as their agency and communications partner, on the path from innovative start-up to a NASDAQ-listed company with a commercialized product on the US market. IMMray PanCan-d* is finally the world’s first blood test for early detection of pancreatic cancer – and somehow it feels like we’ve played a small, small part!

One of the most memorable things about working together with Immunovia’s team, is their commitment to patients and the issue of early detection of pancreatic cancer. Over the years, we have produced a number of campaign sites and videos to support this communication. For example the sites for World Pancreatic Cancer Day between 2016-2019. But also iWalk – a campaign promoting Walks to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer, that allowed users to register the distance walked and share a postcard greeting on social media. In less than three months, hundreds of walkers from over 30 countries over the world, had walked a distance equivalent to a full lap around the world.

But what strikes us most about Immunovia, is their integrity, professionalism and determination. Step by step, they kept working, with perseverance, to finally succeed in launching of their first product. And we are truly happy for them.

* IMMray PanCan-d is offered on the US market as an Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) by Immunovia Inc.

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immunovia antibody
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Their story

”I have worked with the same team from Phosworks for over 20 years, also in other companies before Immunovia. And I continue to do so. First of all, I know I can always trust them to deliver according to the deadlines.. Secondly, our collaboration has been succesful due to their ability to listen and adjust to the needs that are often changing along the company´s commercialization journey. Thirdly, their experience in life science make them easy to work with and they add new perspectives to the communication strategy. Lastly, their wide skillset allow them to solve most problems, effectively and in a timely manner.” – Laura Chirica, Chief Commercial Officer, Immunovia, 2015-2021

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The case

The collaboration with Immunovia started out as a very pragmatic one. In January 2015, Immunovia’s CCO stepped through the door to our office and asked for urgent help with an illustration for a tradeshow, and a few updates to their website.

Our partnership quickly evolved as we developed presentation material together for Horizon 2020. A prize that the company won the same year. Following this, we also produced a communication package for raising capital and marketing material to support the first IPO in the end of 2015, when the company was established on NASDAQ First North. The work included everything from the design of a graphic identity and a communication platform, a web site fully compatible with all financial and regulatory requirements for noted companies, several campaign sites, social media channels and campaigns, films and animations and several workshops covering both communication strategy, channels and planning.

Prior to Immunovia´s listing on NASDAQ’s main market, the collaboration accelerated even more, and at the same time we worked with both the campaign iWalk and an animation that was shown on one of the billboards on the famous Times Square in New York..

In the past year, our partnership with Immunovia has expanded to also involve directly working with US-based Immunovia Inc., whom since the successful commercialization in August 2021 offers the company’s first product IMMray Pancan-d as an LDT on the American market.

After seven exciting years, we are still working together, currently conducting effect and traffic analysis, to further optimize Immunovia’s websites and online campaigns.

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Our journey together with Immunovia

  • 2015 Rights issue (43 mSEK) and Horizon 2020 (43 mSEK)
  • 2015 Successful IPO on NASDAQ First North Stockholm (Wildeco)
  • 2016 Supporting record capital raising of 218,7 mSEK (Immunovia/Vator Securities)
  • 2018 Immunovias is noted on Nasdaq Stockholm
  • 2019 Intensified investor communication and work with validation studies
  • 2021 Commercialization. IMMray Pancan-d is offered as an LDT on the American markets, exclusively by Immunovia Inc