From design to technical solution

Design & Copy Idea & Concept UX & Design Web Development

The work started by translating’s vision and requirements into wireframes for the most important user flows. Based on these, a prototype was created which was then user tested and refined.
In short development cycles and in close collaboration with the GDPR-proof recruitment center emerged. A new external web was also developed in Umbraco CMS., teknisk plattform och design från Phosworks

From prototype to working system

The recruitment center is used partly by recruiters / administrators at and partly by companies that want to recruit themselves or only want to carry out parts of a recruitment process. A separate part of the system is used by candidates who are applying for a job or who want their CV accessible in the CV database.

The recruitment center is based on MVC and REACT and includes the following functions:

  • Profile requirement templates, reference templates, interview templates
  • Planning tools
  • Calendar function
  • Selection questions examples
  • Job ad templates
  • Job advertising in various channels and social media
  • Selection functions
  • Competence monitoring
  • Email communication
  • Matching against Sweden’s largest CV database
  • User roles and rights
  • Logbook