Our story

We are very proud of our partnership with Pelago Bioscience. From day one we have had fun working together. Rarely do you meet such an open minded and relaxed, yet determined team of experienced professionals.

Our collaboration started as a routine request for a technical web platform. No inquiries for help with content or messaging. No need for a new, creative design – or even a single illustration. 

But then they realized Phosworks are more than an average agency. We know life science marketing. And the initial strategic workshop – that we always like to hold for new clients – led to a very good strategic discussion and several new insights, as well as a lot of new creative ideas for campaigns. 

In the coming months we not only developed a new website together, we refined their graphical identity and brand, reviewed strategic messaging, made a nice animation to explain theirtechnology, filmed a cool video for their social media, and created more than 10 new concepts for future social media campaigns. As a result of our work together, the brand Pelago Bioscience was strengthened and we generated new leads immediately. 

Something happens when you work with people you like and trust. And the rest… is not history but an ongoing, fruitful partnership.

Pelago web case
Pelago Case mockup web design

Their story

”We have never quite met an agency like Phosworks, that really understands life science and our business. Not only did they bring creativity and lots of ideas to the table, they actually brought business insight based on their long experience in biopharma marketing. As a result, onboarding was quick and the outcome great.”  –  Michael Dabrowski, CEO 

The case

In September 2020 we conducted a strategic workshop with Pelago Bioscience. During a full-day session together we treated several areas like branding, target group analysis, value propositions and market analysis. As a summary of our discussions during the day, we addressed the challenges of the new web site and held a series of UX-related exercises including a design studio, to better understand our new clients expectations on the site.  

 As a result, we not only delivered a new web site, but carefully and in close cooperation with the client, adjusted their overall communication strategy based on new strategic content, design and digital tools. 

First, we could further clarify their positioning and core values, to strengthen the brand and refine their graphical identity. We then created some new strategic content and messaging to further pronounce the adjusted positioning. To support the strategy we also developed video, animation and new functionality on the web site. 

Finally, we formulated a social media strategy around the insights gained during the workshop, andstarted several campaigns to generate awareness online and traffic to the new web site. During this time period, web traffic increased by 26% and the number of leads generated by our combined efforts grew proportionally. 

Currently, we are acting as a proactive partner, monitoring effect and adjusting for improved SEO and online advertising. And we are about to take the next step in our marketing plan. So, keep an eye open. 

During 2020, Pelago Bioscience revenue grew by about 35%. The numbers for 2021 are not reportedyet but signals indicate continued strong growth.  

Of course, we didn’t make Pelago Bioscience great. They were already great. But we contributed. And we are very proud of it. 

Pelago Poster Mockup