Sveaskog, Sweden’s largest forest owner, needed to explain past and present forestry practices and chose to do it with VR.

The challenge of time

How do you explain that the forests you see today are the results of past forestry practices, while at the same time the results of today’s practices will only be visible in 50 to 100 years time? The forestry debate in Sweden is quite heated and hard to understand unless you have an historical perspective. This is one of the challenges facing Sveaskog when explaining how they manage their large forest inventory.

Sveaskog brand
Sveaskog brand
Sveaskog web

Time traveling in VR

Sveaskog and Phosworks created a VR experience where visitors follow the life-cycle of a forest, from planting to harvesting. A voice-over guides the visitors through the different stages and hotspots allow the visitors to read additional information by clicking them. Furthermore the visitors have the possibility to navigate to a section giving an historical background about forestry practices throughout the ages.

Sveaskog VR

A unique in-depth experience

Many alternatives were discussed at the start of the project but VR technology was chosen instead of an online video because VR offers a feeling of in-depth immersion that no other digital technologies can match. By its multi-dimensional experience VR triggers the senses and create a unique experience. With the VR googles on it’s really like standing in the middle of the forest!

VR Sveaskog map