Svenska Fönster Visualization

Animation & Visualization Idea & Concept

Svenska Fönster manufactures and sells quality windows through retailers and directly to construction companies under its brands SP Fönster and Traryd Fönster. They came to us with a visualization challenge and got a virtual digital model.

Instant recognition of quality

The quality of Svenska Fönsters products are best seen up close. Therefore, their salespeople usually carry a corner from their different types of windows in aluminum or wood to showcase material choices and built quality. 

The disadvantage is that the demoequipment, which are created by hand from Svenska Fönsters skilled carpenters, are both very exclusive and are not always available to bring out to customers.

Therefore, Svenska Fönster asked us the question: Is there any other way to demonstrate our products and support the dealers with good material? And would we be able to produce something that can be shared digitally?

Photorealistic animation

We started by making an animation of the turning mechanism based on Svenska Fönsters CAD files which we rendered photorealistic for use in film and TV. The material feeling was extra important because we would replace a real world model of the product with something digital.