Xspray Visual identity and web production

Brand Graphic Identity Idea & Concept Web Development

Xspray Pharma AB is a product development company with its own technology platform for developing improved and generic versions of existing cancer drugs. Prior to a listing, Xspray saw the need to strengthen its brand.

An investment in trust

At a stock exchange listing or IPO, credibility is in focus: A decision to invest is made both with heart and mind. And trust in this case starts with look and feel and in extension, communication. 

Following a number of interviews with Xspray Pharma’s founder and CEO, we, together with our client Wildeco, realized a great potential in harmonizing the company’s visual communication with their vision: ”Through their unique technology, becoming a world-leading player for generic and improved variants of protein kinase inhibitors for targeted cancer treatment. The overall goal is to increase the patients’ quality of life and the chance of survival, while reducing the cost burden in society.”

From brand to communication

To strengthen Xspray’s brand, Phosworks developed a new logo that both reflects on their technology platform and their vision of increased quality of life. For strong recognition, the logo was supplemented with a clear color palette, uniform imagery and a stylized nanoparticle as a key visual element. We also designed and developed a new website for the IPO. On the website, a connection to Cision simplifies Xspray’s communication with shareholders and other stakeholders through synchronised publishing in several channels.

A reliable result

The new visual identity and the website contributed to spreading Xspray’s offering in a trustworthy manner. Xspray Pharma was listed on First North on September 26, 2017, with an offer that was oversubscribed nine times.

Phosworks delivered:

  • New logo and visual identity
  • Brand manual
  • Responsive website with links to Cision to facilitate communication with investors and other stakeholders.

The work with Xspray Pharma also resulted in several prestigious design awards:

  • “Gold Winner” 2018 Indigo Awards in the category “Branding”
  • 2017 year winner in “International Visual Identity Awards” in the category “Healthcare”
  • 2017 WEBAWARD – OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, The Web Marketing Association
Xspray, visuell identitet och webbproduktion av Phosworks 2
Xspray, visuell identitet och webbproduktion av Phosworks 3
Xspray, visuell identitet och webbproduktion av Phosworks 5
Xspray, visuell identitet och webbproduktion av Phosworks 6