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Data exchange made easy

Oct 09, 2020 | 2 min read

How a clever endpoint tool enabled platform independent communication.

Being a large company with thousands of products sold by a variety of partners around the world can certainly be challenging in several aspects. You likely have to handle a variety of business platforms, all with different requirements. To boost sales and push products on demand perhaps you even want to create targeted campaigns and choose which products to display in different markets? Obviously you also want to be able to display up to date stock data.

How to solve it?

We launched a tool for a client where the customer can offer content access for selected partners based on specific product requirements and selections. Independent of business platform. All with React, PHP and MySQL

That content access is made possible with a JSON responding endpoint sent to the partner. These endpoints are configured individually according to the partners need and purpose. The configuration can for example be based on a product sell- out, some specific brands, maybe a product category for a certain target group or simply all the products that are available.

The possibilities are many and the tool offers this easily and visually for the administrator. All set up in a few minutes and then distributed to the end user for integration in a simple and standardized way.

Challenge accepted. Challenge solved. All happy.