Together with CSN, the national board of student aid, Phosworks in 2016 presented an action plan aimed at influencing the understanding of student support and its clear and unique advantages. This resulted in a number of campaigns based on landing pages as well as movies. Where issues such as the importance of repaying student loans are highlighted. The campaigns has also highlighted lives made possible by this unique program. Among them Trita Parsi. Raised in Sweden he got to serve the Obama administration in Washington on matters related to the Middle East.



Sweden has one of the world’s most generous student support. In order to highlight the importance of the system, how it works, and for example, to highlight the staff that work on CSN and their role, the campaign “We make studies possible” was made. One of the supporting components of the campaign was the following film that presents the vision.

The goal is to achieve long-term attitude and behavioral change.

We wanted to create a campaign that awakens emotions and in the long term changes the attitude towards CSN and its services. We had, among other things, workshops with the CSN communicators, and we questioned the target group to get a picture of the audience’s views and feelings for CSN and study support.


Trita Parsi

There are a number of examples of people who, thanks to CSN, had opportunities that otherwise might not have been possible. Trita Parsi has made a journey which, among other things, took him to the White House as an advisor to the Obama administration.