Swedish Horseracing The Winning Circle

Idea & Concept UX & Design Web Development

Svensk travsport is the company behind Sweden's all established race tracks. High on their wish list was to increase the commitment of visitors during the various events. For this purpose, the Winning Circle was created. Phosworks was hired to develop the idea, design and development of an app based quiz together with  Søder, a Stockholm based agency. The winning circle  



The Winning Circle is a public contest launched by Swedish Travsport in 2017. The aim of the game is to raise the tension on the track so more people get there instead of watching the competition from the comfort of their home. Phosworks presented the game idea, design and UX. We also created the underlying system for questions, codes and statistics.

Vinnarcirkeln - Svensk Travsport, en lösning skapad av Phosworks 2

About the quiz

The game consists of two quizzes, an event based quiz and a trial quiz. To participate in the event quizzes, you must be a paying audience. By entering your code visible on the entrance ticket you can compete for nearly USD 10,000. First and foremost, it is about answering correctly, but also doing it in the fastest possible time.

The five visitors who scored the highest during the event are eligible for a final round for the grand prize. The trial quiz is accessible for every one where you can also challenge your friends and family.

Vinnarcirkeln - Svensk Travsport, en lösning skapad av Phosworks


The winning circle is very popular and the competition increased the number of paying visitors by 40% during the first year.

Cooperation with Swedish trainsport continues!