Back to work!

Still working from home

Summer vacation 2021 has been exceptionally warm and sunny here in Sweden but we are now back at the Phosworks’ office ready for Q3 and Q4. Well actually no one is back at the office as most of us are still working from home. The pandemic and all its new variants are still upon us and even if we are all vaccinated we still need to be sensible and responsible.

Pandemic or not, we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this coming autumn and winter.

Live streaming

Due to the pandemic many live events were rescheduled to live streaming events to avoid being canceled. Today, when the restrictions start to ease one could believe that the number of streamed events would go back to where it was prior to COVID-19. However, our booking schedule tells a completely different story. Streamed events are a great communication channel to keep contact and engagement with customers and should definitely be in the marketeers communication toolbox.

The nerdy people at Phosworks ? even created a virtual live studio in our office with some pretty cool tech stuff (the whole studio is like a giant green screen to be able to customize it to any of our client’s brand in a flash). Should do a reportage about it soon.

Even more video than before

The use of video in communication is a trend everyone has been speaking about for a few years and it is definitely exploding right now. While making videos with an agency was earlier always expansive and exclusive, nowadays for some types of videos you don’t even need more than a smartphone to produce good quality content. Given the popularity and the impact of videos in marketing it is relevant to ask “what type of communication are you doing today that you could move to video communication?” Give us a shout if you want to discuss this hot topic.

More sustainability

2016 Phosworks changed its vision to “Digital ideas for a sustainable future” because all the environmental indicators were pointing in the wrong direction. 5 years later and the situation hasn’t gone any better, sadly quite the opposite… Phosworks is actively working with the 17 Global Goals the world leaders agreed on in 2015 but obviously more needs to be done. Talk to us if you also share our vision and want to be part of our effort.

Wish everyone a healthy and fun Q3 and Q4.
The Phosworks team

Global goals