Content & Film

Have you ever wondered how film can make your brand stronger and your communication more efficient?

Tell us your vision and we’ll help you, whether you already have a vision or if you have any thoughts on how fims or animations can help you reach your goals and your target audience.
Over the years we have won several film awards, including the renowned Swedish tv price Kristallen.

Content that carries your offer

Your product, or services starts as an idea. An idea that needs to be pitched, funded, and developed, as well as commercialised, marketed and maintained. Film and animations are powerful tools at all stages of your products and services’ life cycle: Films that convey feeling and inspire, and video ads that raise awareness and animations that explain complex issues easily and clearly.

Therefore, we think it’s important that films are planned where they can be made the most of. With a plan for film in your communication strategy, we can plan and produce the perfect film idea and a plan for successful deployment. In addition, with a thought of motion profile in your brand work, we can make sure your brand gets stronger with each production – whether you do it yourself or with our help.

Commercials & Campaigns

A good campaign usually consists of different parts, including commercials. When we say commercials, you probably think about the 30 second films on TV, but it can be so much more than that. The main purpose is to either sell a product or service, or to change a behaviour or an opinion.

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Inspiration & Brand

To positively engage your employees or your customers is an effective way of strengthening a brand. It may be a launch of a new product or a rebranding of an existing brand or simply boosting your employees. With films you reach and create experiences that impact feelings and the senses.

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Animation & Visualization

We often use 2D and 3D illustrations to produce an effect or to visualise something that does not exist.

It can be anything from subtle special effects in film or simple animations. Often it is about being able to show something that is too big or too small to film effectively. For example, you may want to break down a machine into small parts to show how it re-assembles or it could be just that the product is not yet available but has to be shown on film.

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In many cases you can produce the film yourself. It could be for internal communications, like films for blogs and social media or for other purposes where it works very well with self-produced films.

Today, most people, technically, can make their own films, but one is no Rembrandt just because you have some paint and a brush! Practice makes perfect, but If you can get some tips, tricks and inspiration, it will have a big impact on the end result.

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