Hosting & Opertations

Phosworks wholly owned subsidiary company Rackfish is completely tailored for optimal digital deliveries. Rackfish delivers your web; installs, optimises, speeds in both Tokyo and Sundsvall also fixes a live broadcast in the same instance. It’s very important with good digital delivery and Rackfish offers great commitment, knowledge and maximum performance.

Services for your digital communication

Hosting, domains and servers. We know that many think it’s a bit hard – That is why Phosworks started Rackfish. Extremely fast and secure hosting for Episerver, WordPress, Umbraco, Online Video.

Shared Hosting = Web Hosting

Web hosting is easy, cost effective and smooth. Often it is also a bit overbooked, unreliable and complicated. Rackfish has a solution for this.

Rackfish does not compete on a price basis but charges you so that you as a customer get the quality you want. It cares about service, speed and that the page responds! Often it appears that Rackfish still has a lower price than its competitors!

Server hosting

Dedicated virtual servers. All benefits of virtualisation, without the disadvantages of VPS and clouds. Like having your own well functioning server.

Rackfish servers are delivered from their own clouds. The technology is the best and with you, you get virtual servers without the disadvantages of either dedicated machines or VPSs. Those who try Rackfish usually do not want to change.

CDN for web and video

Our customers are spread all over the world and their customers are in turn in even more places. It is thanks to CDN that Rackfish in “Little Sweden” can deliver heavy campaigns and give the end user a good experience.

To speed up a site for visitors, one of the best things you can do is to move all the heavy content closer to the audience. A positive side effect is also that the web server does not have to handle all requests for images and other static files, which means it can perform much better. Rackfish CDN places your content closer to your visitors to all continents!

Cover the whole world at a low cost

Using Rackfish CDN is a cost-effective way to build a more advanced digital delivery infrastructure. That all continents are included in the basic package is an additional argument for choosing Rackfish

Performance is an important parameter for search engines. Faster web pages improve the chances of high ranking.

Online video

Phosworks and Rackfish are working closely with several customers where online video delivery is crucial for your business. Phosworks develops and Rackfish manages the technical delivery and monitoring.

Online video is Rackfish specialty. Whether we talk about live video, on- demand or low-delay broadcast. Rackfish experiences range from live streaming in Mexico for 2 years, to a knitting machine in Germany and sportswear advertising in Korea. Not to forget galas, auctions and competitions. Rackfish broadcasts Swedish and foreign events and operates solutions for small and large video sites.