By analysing with Google’s optimisation tool, among others, bottlenecks are removed on websites for both mobile and desktop users. The website’s media and code are optimised to get a Google high ranking, thus increasing user experience and lowering advertising costs.

Media Optimization

Most pages have the biggest problem that media in the form of images and movies are poorly compressed or adapted for the device to be displayed on. By systematically reviewing CMS tools and its image management functionality, a workflow can be created to automatically giving as good images as possible without the web administrator having to think about image optimisation.


Code Optimization

The most important platform for determining how well a website is performing today is Google’s technical ranking of how well the site is optimised and its loading time. We make an analysis and update what Google considers to be inadequate. Often it is about loading times and the order in which the content of the website is delivered to the client and how it is printed. Most sites have room for improvement and it is a continuous work as the conditions and assessment algorithms change.

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