Web Development

Do you need a web, campaign or intranet? We work with both open source and licensed content management systems. We provide everything from simple websites to more advanced solutions with complex integrations that go hand in hand with current conditions and user needs.

Umbraco, Episerver & WordPress

We work with several different CMS systems. Including Episerver, Umbraco and WordPress. Episerver is a licensed CMS that can be used for major external websites and intranets. Umbraco is a free CMS based on open source and Microsoft .NET platform. (2017 we won the award for the best global Umbraco integration for ATG.se.)

When we develop corporate websites, promotional sites and multi- site solutions for both smaller and larger companies and organisations, we use WordPress.

Our Developers

Our front end developers are working with the latest technology in interface development, and our back end developers are used to complex projects. It can range from integrations to developing an API to expose data or
to develop an advanced search engine.

Please contact us and tell us about your requests.