Umbraco Integrations

Phosworks received award for best global Umbraco integration for 2017 and since then our trip with Umbraco has only just started.

Umbraco is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) based on open source and Microsoft’s .NET platform. It has good flexibility, which allows the development opportunities to be many. Whether you want to develop a complex e-commerce solution or smaller campaigns, Umbraco offers great options The license is also free of charge, which we view as a bonus. Umbarco’s recognised user friendliness makes it a perfect tool and the system is praised by both editors and web developers globally.

Umbraco is supported by an active and inclusive community worldwide. Phosworks creates web, e-commerce solutions and web shops with Umbracco. Solutions that can be scaled up over time, as your business grows. The user experience in terms of fast loading times, easy-navigated structure, responsive interface is constantly at the heart of transforming visitors to customers or enhancing the brand experience. We are available to support you with the best possible service so the business can run smoothly.

Umbraco offers several products:

Umbraco Cloud

With Umbraco Cloud you get the best Umbraco offers.
Umbraco Cloud is automatically updated and hosted on a state of the art Azure server. Cloud comes with a variety of features depending on what you need.

Umbraco CMS

This is the free Open Source version of Umbraco. This means that we, as your web partner will download, configure and host it for you.
Umbraco can be used either in this free, open source format or complimented with professional tools and other support if required.

Umbraco Forms

With this add-on to Umbraco CMS, you get a simple tool to create good and functional forms.