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Hela Sveriges universitet

Uppsala University’s film “Hela Sveriges Universitet" awarded gold

Nov 16, 2022 | 3 min read

Uppsala University’s film “Hela Sveriges Universitet” was awarded gold at the Swedish Publishing Prize’s award ceremony on November 9 2022 at Berns in Stockholm. The creative agency Phosworks is behind the film.

A film to celebrate the future

The pandemic diluted an already bleak view of the future among young people. The winning entry is a film that wants to instill hope for the future and celebrate the opportunities that study brings. The film won gold in the category “Brand films B2C”.

Magnus Ewald, director: “The future can seem uncertain. We wanted to show that it works out. Breaking up, changing friends and cities can be difficult, but once you take the plunge, a time begins that many call the best of their life.”

Robert Järvi, art director: “The film is a tribute to a school system where everyone – regardless of background – can get an education at one of the country’s leading universities.”

20221109 Stockholm Publishingpriset 2022

A soundtrack to move you

A new interpretation of “Uti vår hage” connects Uppsala’s traditions with innovative thinking
The film’s story is driven by the traditional song “Uti vår hage” in a specially composed new interpretation. “Uti vår hage” is known to many through Hugo Alfvén’s arrangement which was performed by Orphei Drängar in 1918.

Uppsala-based Monavisa chose to go even further back in time. The result is the song’s original arrangement in a modern interpretation.

Listen to the music:

Sweden’s first choice

Uppsala University had the most first-time applications of all Swedish universities in 2022. 4 out of 10 applicants put Uppsala University at the top of their list.

The film is part of a campaign that was launched at the turn of the year 2021/2022. The goal was to attract students to Uppsala University based on themes such as community, experiences, secure future, sustainability and awareness. The basic message is that Uppsala University is a place for everyone.

The Swedish Publishing Prize is Sweden’s oldest comprehensive communication competition: An annual jury-judged award competition that rewards commendable editorial communication and marketing communication.

The Swedish Publishing Prize

two people standing on stage
20221109 Stockholm Publishingpriset 2022

Client – Team

Client, Uppsala University
Joachim Ekström, head of the unit for student recruitment
Laven Fathi Garcia, communicator
David Nygren, communicator

Working group, Phosworks

Eva Jansson, project manager
Lovisa Söder, production manager
Magnus Ewald, director
Robert Järvi, AD and copy
Nathan Sexton, grad
Ulf Johansson, cinematographer
Michael Tebinka, B photo
Aevar Sigurdsson, light
Peter Mattsson, director of photography

“Uti vår hage” produced by Maria Marcus and Jon Hällgren, Line Out Studios Uppsala.
Performed by Monavisa with strings by Julia Bengtsson.