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Free education, anyone?

In Sweden higher education is free, with grants and low interest student loans accessible to just about anyone. Despite this generosity, the attitude towards CSN (The Swedish Board of Student Finance) can best be described as lukewarm. 

This is sadly also reflected in the repayment statistics of student loans. In 2016 CSN was tasked by the Swedish government to increase the repayment. And CSN turned to us to help.

Let’s create something amazing together.

From Gottsunda to the White House

We planned and created a campaign in 3 steps, all under the banner of “We make studies possible”:

Year 1: Create an emotional connection

Year 2: Inform and educate

Year 3: Encourage repayment

We kicked off the campaign with an emotional film. A call to action to pursue your dreams. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and get a little bit of help from CSN.

Then we followed up with a series of portrait films. Trita Parsi, who made the journey to become an advisor to the Obama administration, in the White House. Sofie Lindblom, who went on to create her own company. All with a little help from CSN.

We also made a series of explainer videos that dealt with a few misconceptions about CSN and how repayment is crucial so the next generation of students can be founded. It’s a virtuous cycle. 

Finally, we made a series of targeted video ads that straight up asked people to repay their loans. In a friendly tone but with a serious message: “Don’t be the person who breaks the virtuous cycle”.

Mission accomplished

Social media made it possible for us to target the right audience effectively. During the whole campaign we managed to reach 6.95 million people on YouTube (targeted at a wider audience) and 1.1 million former students on Facebook and Instagram (highly targeted). 

After 3 years the Swedish government removed their repayment task to CSN. Mission accomplished.

The full brand experience

As part of the campaign, we also created a website where we collected all our films. You could also find plenty of useful information for new students. And a section for former students who might want to repay their student loans.

6,95 million

People saw our campaign

1,1 million

Former students reached

CSN Education
CSN video-ads
CSN Video ads
CSN Ambassadör Trita Parsi
CSN Ambassadör Trita Parsi
CSN Ambassadör Sofie Lindblom
CSN Ambassadör Sofie Lindblom

Let’s create something

amazing together.