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New generation of pranksters

If there is one group of people who love pranks, it’s kids. But, what is a good prank? Perhaps kids would love some inspiration?

With this insight in mind we pitched a TV series for SVT (Swedish public service television company) called “Buskul” (pranks are fun). And they said yes!

Let’s create something amazing together.

How to prank

In the show, our wonderful hosts, the kids Erik Strandberg and Filippa Andersson, showed a plethora of pranks and how to do them. The show also contained celebrity interviews who reminisced about the best prank they did when they were kids. And a throwback section: what kind of pranks did grandpa and grandma do when they were little?

Mixed reviews

Some grown-ups were quick to blame us when their kids pranked them. And not so happy that their kids couldn’t wait for the next episode for more prank inspiration.

Others, like the jury for the Swedish television award Kristallen, praised our show: Winner, Best Kids Show. It was also awarded the Best Nordic Kids Show, in Ebeltoft/Danmark.

Most important of all though… the kids loved our show!

SVT Buskul

Let’s create something

amazing together.