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GE Healthcare KUBio

Building a factory in 550 days

How hard is it to get a turnkey vaccine factory in place? Not that hard if you use GE’s modular solution called KUBio. But inviting visitors to a guided tour is not straightforward. All current sites are in production and paying a visit means donning full biocontainment suits. So GE asked us to come up with a solution.

Let’s create something amazing together.

KUBio explained

First, we created a website where users simply scroll to quickly unveil how GE makes building a biopharmaceutical factory possible in record time. Beautiful animations and films explain the KUBio concept.

Then, we built the world’s first web VR experience that allows anyone with a smartphone to jump straight in for a first-person view of a Chinese site. You can virtually stroll around the factory and explore the different pieces of equipment needed for vaccine production.

Well received

The KUBio website received the Site of The Day Award by awwwards.

GE KUBio campaign
GE KUBio VR image

Let’s create something

amazing together.