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A legacy of new beginnings

Cytiva supports pharmaceutical companies with knowledge, tools, and services that touch lives. And they’re on a quest to cure the incurable. We help Cytiva’s communication shine, elevated by clever visualizations and inspiring campaigns that bring out their true colors. 

They might call themselves scientists. We see daring pioneers. 

Let’s create something amazing together.

Fighting cancer

Emily Whitehead’s story is a testament to courage and collaboration. She was the first child in the world to have her cells turned into living medicine, ready to fight cancer.

Virtually here

How do you present rare, groundbreaking lab equipment to the world? A product demo is the ultimate sales tool. But most instruments are heavy, bulky, and sensitive to being moved. Our visualizations and interactive 3D models help Cytiva wow customers anywhere. 

The ÄKTA process system weighs up to 800 kg and can be tricky to squeeze into a laptop bag. Our solution? An interactive 3D model for effortless exploration. 
Bioprocess Interactive realtime 3D example

Pioneers and visionaries

To raise awareness about Cytiva’s cell and gene therapy business, we turned our attention to the pioneers and visionaries themselves. The result? A captivating film series about brave beginnings and seminal breakthroughs. 
Brand building film. Pioneers and visionaries EP1

From the very moment Cytiva was born, Phosworks has strengthened our brand. Their latest video series position us at the forefront of the cell therapy market.

Matthew Bateman, Creative Lead, Cell and Gene Therapy, Cytiva

Let’s create something

amazing together.