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Visual Identity - Immunovia

Maturing the brand

Immunovia is aiming to revolutionize early detection of cancer and improve survival rates. Their non-invasive blood tests for pancreatic cancer have proven to be a huge step forward.

Immunovia first approached us with a request for an illustration. However, our partnership quickly turned into the challenge of maturing the brand.

Let’s create something amazing together.

A to Z

First, we developed a brand guideline and a communication strategy. Then we designed a website and helped Immunovia with content creation and SEO.

Finally we helped Immunovia run multiple campaigns to get their name and area of expertise out in the world.

We created campaigns for World Pancreatic Cancer Day between 2016-2019. And iWalk – a campaign promoting Walks to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer.

All grown up

We’re proud of turning Immunovia into an attractive brand. 

The iWalk campaign was especially successful and in less than three months, walkers from over 30 countries over the world, had walked a distance equivalent to a full lap around the world.

We like to think that we played a small part in the record capital raising of 2016, 218 mSEK. Seeing the successful launch of the IMMray PanCand-d Test product in 2021 made us feel like a proud family member.

“Their experience in life science make them easy to work with and they add new perspectives to the communication strategy“

Laura Chirica, Chief Commercial Officer

Visual Identity - Immunovia
Visual Identity - Immunovia
Visual Identity - Immunovia
Visual Identity - Immunovia
Visual Identity - Immunovia
Visual Identity - Immunovia

Let’s create something

amazing together.