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Unleashing the potential

Pelago has created a faster and more efficient drug discovery process. This means that new medicines can be brought to market more quickly. For Pelago, their biggest shop window is their website, but it didn’t quite capture the potential of the company and its product.

Let’s create something amazing together.

More than a website

We reviewed the existing website and realised that this wouldn’t be a simple website redesign. A large part of selling Pelago’s product is to explain the underlying technology. We made a how-it-works animation, re-wrote product descriptions and much more. All while creating an easy to navigate structure and a compelling look and feel.

We also formulated a social media strategy to generate awareness and drive traffic to the web site. 

A great partnership

With a new website in place and continuous running of social media campaigns, web traffic increased by 26% and the number of leads generated by our combined efforts grew proportionally.

And during our partnership, Pelago Bioscience’s revenue grew by about 35%. 

“We have never quite met an agency like Phosworks, that really understands life science and our business. Not only did they bring creativity and lots of ideas to the table, they actually brought business insight based on their long experience in biopharma marketing.“

Michael Dabrowski, CEO Pelago Bioscience


Web traffic increase


Revenue growth

The full brand experience

On the back of our website work, we made an update to Pelago’s visual identity and adjusted the communication strategy together with Pelago.

We are still managing SEO for Pelago and more marketing campaigns are coming soon.

Pelago Website
Pelago Website
Pelago Website
Pelago Website

Let’s create something

amazing together.