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Uppsala university

When does your scientific adventure begin?

The Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University conducts world-leading research and educates engineers and natural scientists. We were asked to create a recruitment campaign that would point out why Uppsala university would be the best choice to study Science and technology no matter where you’re from.

But why would potential students want to study in Uppsala, when there are other schools closer to home and perhaps more well-known in the scientific fields?

Let’s create something magical together.

The Perks of studying in Uppsala

From studying surveys we could dig out the perks of studying in Uppsala instead of in the other, larger cities. It might be an easy choice to study at KTH if you are living in Stockholm or convenient to go to Chalmers if you are from Gothenburg. But, cheaper living, safer nightlife, outstanding courses and unsurpassed student life should be tempting? And what about getting your own student flat with a chance to get away from your pestering little brothers…

“It feels like the film is about me! I can absolutely relate and see myself in her role and situation”

Hannah, newly graduated student

Student with tears in her eyes and a smile.

When does your scientific adventure begin?

We tell the story of a student’s journey from the time that she decides to study in Uppsala until her graduation day. The film sets off on her graduation day, on stage at the university auditorium where she suddenly remembers how she got to that exact point.

We travel back in time through her memories of studying anxiety, meeting new friends, finding love, celebrating walpurgis, leaving her hometown and saying farewell to her family. The film is accompanied with a remix of the well known “studentvisan”.

“This is just how I imagine studying will be: finding new friends and experiencing campus life, both ups and downs.”

Louise, prospective student

Let’s create something

amazing together.