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ATG International

A racing platform

For ATG International, reaching horse racing enthusiasts all over the world is a challenge. How do you design a racing platform that is compelling and easy to use? To deliver daily live videostreams. To make 50 000+ historical races available online. To provide a treasure trove of statistics.

Let’s create something amazing together.

A solid infrastructure

Together with our sister company Rackfish we have architected and built a video streaming platform pushing out live streams to 22 different betting partners in 4 continents. We stream everything. The warm-up, the races and editorial content. Every day. The year around. 

ATG Racing platform
ATG Racing platform

Easy setup

Solving streaming is only half the solution. We thought long and hard about how to make it easy for betting partners to receive these streams in their local betting shops. We designed and built some hardware: the ATG box. Just plug in power, a network and a HDMI cable. The box will automatically start receiving the streams. Neat right?

The ATG streaming box

Motion Sense

In horse racing statistics have always been important. We developed a way to access a data layer while watching the race. We call it “Motion Sense”. With the press of a button you can pull up statistical data on any horse in the current race. Or, watch real time race data, like the current speed of the leader. The “data layer” is linked to the video so even if you jump around in the timeline everything stays in sync.


Inspire and educate

We designed and built the home of ATG International online: Here you can see the latest race results and access race replays. You can learn more about Swedish Horse Racing in general and get valuable betting tips from the experts. 

ATG Apple TV

Anytime and anywhere

We have developed a mobile app that allows racing enthusiasts to learn from the past. The last 2 weeks of racing are available together with “Motionsense”. For a few selected countries 50 000+ historical races are also available. Search for a specific horse, trainer or race and build up your betting intuition. 


Let’s create something

amazing together.