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Algorithms destined to change lives

What would happen if Parkinson’s disease treatment could be measured? This is what Stardots is looking to solve. The potential? A paradigm shift in Parkinson’s care.

Let’s create something amazing together.

Branding for growth

Our journey with Stardots started with creating a distinct new brand expression. The Stardots logo system supports a forward-thinking, rapidly evolving company. 

Stardots belief in data-driven care inspired brand imagery where data points realign from chaos to order. When putting these visuals into motion, we also drew inspiration from the electrical impulses used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Stardots logo
The Stardots logo system is created from recombined dot fragment. Overlapping shapes reflect synergy and transparency inside a protective full circle.
Stardots Graphics Loop
Stardots Rollup
Stardots Brand guidelines
Stardots T-shirts
Stardots Cups

Teaming up for a market introduction

Our initial assignment soon evolved into a partnership to help Stardots prepare for market introduction, starting with a new website.

Stardots Web

Telling it like it is

A precise and well-adjusted treatment is paramount when living with Parkinson’s disease. But why does it matter? No one knows this better than patients themselves. Therefore we teamed up with Stardots to connect with volunteers, ready to share their hopes and experiences.

Living with parkison

More visionaries wanted

How do you grab the attention of future visionaries? When tasked to create an attractor loop for display on prestigious university campuses, we co-created the script together with Stardots mathematicians. The results were staggering, beating the average percentage of recalls by over 20 percentage points.

“The invoices are the only thing that remind me of the fact that Phosworks are hired as consultants. The Phosworks team are working for the good of our company, and feel like a natural part of the Stardots team.“

Daniel Petrini, CEO and founder, Stardots

Connecting the dots

A great client relationship allowed us to lay the groundwork for a unified brand. Working across several touchpoints helped us make the most of resources, supported by Stardot’s open, courageous, and collaborative approach to building a company.

Let’s create something

amazing together.