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Pioneers and visionaries

We at Phosworks created a series of mini documentaries telling the story of the pioneers and visionaries in the cell and gene therapy field.

Let’s create something magical together.

Pioneers and visionaries

We suggested that we should focus on building the brand. To create awareness and brand love on a global stage. 

Cytiva supports pharmaceutical companies with knowledge, tools and services. Today, Cytiva also enables several customers to bring novel cell and gene therapies to market.

How could we raise awareness about Cytiva’s cell and gene therapy business? We could go on about the size and might of Cytiva as a business, but it’s really about the great talent working at and around Cytiva.

“I think it positions us as what we want to be, which is enabling those pioneers for these very exciting cell therapies.”

Emmanuel Abate
President Genomic Medicine, Cytiva

Straight from the horse’s mouth

In the past years, together with the Cell and Gene therapy business at Cytiva, we have traveled the world to meet the pioneers and visionaries in the field to hear their stories.

The result is a series of mini documentaries rolled out during 2023. 

In this first episode we meet the key players in our story, hearing where they were in the 2010s, their motivations, etc. They tell a story of the several evolutions of the therapeutic paradigm, a ground-breaking study and an incredible patient success story.

A great partnership

Phosworks has been working with Cytiva for many years providing videos for marketing and education, animations, illustrations and applications..

“Phosworks have been an integral partner and guiding light as we have charted new ground in this type of storytelling.”

Matthew Bateman
Creative Lead, Cell and Gene Therapy Marketing, Cytiva

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Let’s create something

amazing together.