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Uppsala university

Keep on doing your thing

Uppsala University has launched a new campaign in the spring of 2024 based on the appreciated communication concept “The Whole University of Sweden.” In this concept, Uppsala University does not show off its academic merits and history but instead takes a starting point in the thoughts and feelings of prospective students. Studying in Uppsala can be scary, challenging, and absolutely wonderful. Everyone is welcome. Uppsala University is the university of the entire Sweden.

Let’s create something magical together.

Reaching out through the doom scroll

Uppsala University is constantly recruiting new students on a diverse range of channels and platforms. It has become clear during the recent decade the increasing impact of video advertising on social media. But how do you make your brand stand out in the heavy barrage of information moving through the target groups’ infinite scrolling?


We chose to tell a different story than the standard university recruitment films mostly do. We wanted to relate to our target group, their fears and expectations when starting a new life chapter. So in the film we meet these 5 kids with different interests and starting points and follow them on their journey from their childhood homes to Uppsala, where they can find new friends they can share their interests with.

“”The film makes you excited to continue studying. You want to experience that feeling.””

Milou, prospective student

Girl with brown hair in Uppsala universitets film.

You get half a second

The quick answer don´t. Gen-z are consuming their information on SoMe so fast that you are lucky if you even get a short scroll pause on your ad. They can spot a commercial in a split of a second, and then you are swiped out.

“Feels like many need the push to dare to move to another city, to dare to find home again.”

Linneá, student at Uppsala university

The Trojan horse

We know that the target group are very interest-driven when they are using SoMe, contrary to previous generations who are generally more socially driven. That is why we chose to concentrate on the target groups interests to create content that would feel relatable to as many potential university students as possible.

We did our research, mainly through the “ungdomsbarometern”, an annual study on the Swedish youth of today, and there we focused on 4 large groups of interests: training, food, nature and books. By creating video ads focused on these 4 interest groups we were hoping for a better chance to connect to our target groups.

Successful deliverables

We could successfully deliver a number of different SoMe-ads in different ratios and lengths for all channels. We also produced a longer video featuring a custom made cover of the song studentsången. A real banger.

Two students arriving by train to Uppsala
Three students jumping into the water on a summer night.
An older man standing with his bicycle infront of a field.

Let’s create something

amazing together.