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Dirac wave

Becoming a global audio phenomenon

Dirac’s algorithms provide the type of sound that gives you goosebumps: superior, detailed and realistic audio experiences only possible through digital processing. As part of a rebrand, Dirac approached us for an updated, consistent look and feel across touchpoints.

Let’s create something amazing together.

Easy to reach for anyone

We developed a new web platform that caters to both consumers and audio equipment manufacturers. Our task included seamless integration with Dirac’s webshop and license management systems.

Taking Vegas by storm

At CES 2023, we helped Dirac make an impression with a new booth showcasing pristine, immersive car audio with a Scandinavian touch. Dirac left Las Vegas with four technology awards and new business ventures.

Dirac case

Algorithms united under new product names

Over the years, Dirac’s groundbreaking solutions have created a fragmented offer. To slim down 14 different algorithms into three product lines, we teamed up with Dirac and invented new distinct names.

Dirac Live reduces room impact and enhances speaker performance.

Dirac Opteo helps sound systems perform beyond hardware limits.

Dirac Virtuo provides immersive, enveloping spatial sound.

Making it look as good as it sounds

We have created The Dirac Digital Design System. With this platform all of Dirac’s software will have a consistent look and feel. You will be able to feast your eyes on it in a Dirac software shortly.

Dirac Case
Diracs Design system
Dirac case

“Phosworks helped us evolve the Dirac brand with a new design system that enables great user experience throughout customer touchpoints.“

Bengt Göransson, Usability and User-Centered Design Advisor, Dirac

The full brand experience

We love working with brands across multiple touchpoints and with Dirac we are grateful and proud to have done so.

Dirac Case

Let’s create something

amazing together.